This is a very interesting piece of software not only because of its exciting features but also because its developed by a 15yr old teenager! Yes you read it right.. Just 15yrs old.. and that's Sarath Lakshman from Kerala, India. Here's an article on him in The Hindu.
He seems to have modified the Knoppix to get this kind of user friendly operating system. "User-friendly" is the right word for describing this operating system because of its Windows operating system look and layout. All of them know Windows, so to make it easier for Linux beginner's Sarath used similar UI. Those were his intentions when he started with this project- help familiarize Linux to the beginners.

Some of the features in short...
  • Can run on CD without any installation.. that is the Live CD feature
  • Its takes up 2gb after complete installation where you have loads of applications
  • Comes with Malayalam font!
  • Has good driver support for almost all kinds of modem, digital camera's and printers.
  • Detects all Windows file system's.
  • Wide variety of application support for multimedia playback, web browsing, image editing and office tasks.


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Now that's a big revolution :)

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