Signature Acoustics C-12 review

Recently my iPod Touch earphones gave up and I was in a look out for some good In-Ear Monitors to replace them. I did not want to compromise on the audio quality for the sake of budget and so I had kept it flexible. I had shortlisted Brainwavz M2, a couple of IEMs from SoundMagic and some from Sony and Klipsch. I had almost finalized on Brainwavz M2, when I bumped into this brand IEM from Signature Acoustics; a company that I had never heard before but seemed to be producing quality product. After going through a lot of reviews, checking on user feedback's, I decided to go with them. Now after using the earphones for a whole month, I feel I have made the right choice.

Installing Windows Phone 7.8 on Samsung Focus SGH-I917

My Samsung Focus is an unlocked AT&T model and I had received it with Windows Phone 7.5 OS. Once the WP8 and WP7.8 were released I thought the re-sizable tiles were very needed in my phone. Windows started releasing WP 7.8 update from Jan 30th, 2013. I was pretty happy and excited when I read AT&T and Microsoft  have released the software update. Sadly that wasn't the case and there was no update. I waited for a month or so an finally decided to Flash my phone. In this post I would like to share my experience and hope to make somebody's life easier!

I started of as a noob who had no idea what it means to flash a phone, but I had gone through quite a lot of online materials to know that the worst possible thing that could happen was getting the phone "BRICKED"!! I had also read that the chances of that happening were less if I follow the steps carefully. Who knew I would brick my phone just 5 minutes into flashing! But finally it all turned out well and now I have a Windows Phone 7.8 Custom ROM running in my phone.

Windows Phone 7.8 running on my Samsung Focus

My review of Lumix DMC-TZ10

Since this blog is majorly going to be a photo blog, i thought of starting off with an introduction to my cam. This is not exactly going to be a review of the cam, coz im no expert.. Personally i think the cam is almost perfect for a casual photographer like me.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 (also known as the DMC-ZS7 in the USA) is in the market for more than a year. Panasonic persisting with this model in a very volatile camera market tells a lot about the performance of this camera.
Its comes under the category of "Travel zoom" camera's. That's probably cause of its 12x optical zoom. Normally the Point and shoot camera's dont come with this range of optical zoom. I am not going to any more spec details, but i would like to provide the review links which give a good description of this cam.
I bought this cam sometime in October 2011 form flipkart online  store. It cost me 13000 INR (approx 265$ ). Just a few months back it costed close to 400$. The price drop according to me is mainly cause its more than a year old. It still beats some of the cams in the same range from Nikon, Canon, Sony. Anyways that's my opinion. Would like to hear from you if you have a different opinion or query regarding this cam.

You can check some of the photos that I have clicked using this camera at

MeeGo 1.2 released

Intel headed MeeGo mobile operating system recently reached v1.2. MeeGo was initially had started off as a merger between Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin. It was designed to run in Intel and ARM architectures and was targeted to various devices; from mobile phones to in-vehicle entertainment. Its a Linux - based operating system and thus that makes it an open source project.

In February, Nokia choose to make Windows Phone as default operating system for its smart phone and backed off from this project. Not many had hoped MeeGo would survive since Nokia was a important part of the project. But Intel was firm to continue development and had its own plans. 

Overview of EmguCV

One of my projects required me to work with OpenCV libraries in Windows platform. OpenCV as you all know is in C language. I wanted to give a nice interface to my project. Since the codes were in C, i initially thought of implementing it using Visual C++.

3 reasons that made me drop VC++
  • The setup to make OpenCV work with VC++ was not that simple.
  • The quality of interface developed is not very good.
  • C# and some of the other .NET compatible languages are more stable than C. I came to this conclusion because for me the code in C used to crash more than in C#.

I found C# language provided better and simpler interface development tools. Thats when i started looking for .NET wrapper for OpenCV. There are lots of open-source .NET wrappers available. Here's a clear comparison between them. Out of them i found EmguCV is the better one and decided to use it.

Emgu CV is a cross platform .Net wrapper. Allowing OpenCV functions to be called from .NET compatible languages such as C#, VB etc. The wrapper can be compiled in Mono and run on Linux / Mac OS X.
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