Non Adobe pdf readers

Adobe reader has been the favorite pdf reader for sometime now. That's mainly because its free! But nowadays there are many free pdf readers which can actually work out better for you.

I personally did not like Adobe reader because its a heavy application and it comes with a  lot of additional services. Its kind of resource hungry and even adds a browser plug in which was seriously slowing down my browsing speed! Its a bit too much just to read a pdf isn't it?! That's when i decided to look for other pdf readers. There are so many open source free pdf readers which are a lot lighter and better. First i would go through  some of the open source pdf readers and later some of the freewares.


This is a simple document viewer. It can view multiple document formats like pdf, postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi and many others. 

It provides search, thumbnail view and page indexing features.This is an open source tool.

Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS.. The name sounds weird but the OS seems to gaining popularity!

Pinguy's official web site says "Pinguy OS is an out-of-the-box working operating system for everyone, not just geeks"

This Linux distro is built upon the Ubuntu's latest version 10.10 and claims to add new features making it user friendly.

I found this OS interesting because of its interesting looks and apps it provides. It should provide a good starting experience for Linux beginners.

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How working on an open source project helped me..

It all started a year ago in an internship program in Bangalore. The program intended to introduce us to open source tools and later to make some contribution to the open source world.

Initially i prepared myself with basic web application tools like tomcat server and mysql. Also i got more familiar with Linux operating system which supports the major chunk of open source software's. Mifos was the first open source application i worked on.

Multi core processors - A thought

Clamwin Antivirus - Update

Looking for an open source antivirus..? Clamwin antivirus is the best open source antivirus software available right now.

Clamwin antivirus is a free software available for all versions of Windows operating system. Yes it does support Windows 7.

Good thing about Clamwin when compared to other open source anti virus is that it has been regularly getting updates. This is mainly because of its 600,000 odd users. You can also pitch in with your support for the development of this tool. You can download its source code from their main site.


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