Signature Acoustics C-12 review

Recently my iPod Touch earphones gave up and I was in a look out for some good In-Ear Monitors to replace them. I did not want to compromise on the audio quality for the sake of budget and so I had kept it flexible. I had shortlisted Brainwavz M2, a couple of IEMs from SoundMagic and some from Sony and Klipsch. I had almost finalized on Brainwavz M2, when I bumped into this brand IEM from Signature Acoustics; a company that I had never heard before but seemed to be producing quality product. After going through a lot of reviews, checking on user feedback's, I decided to go with them. Now after using the earphones for a whole month, I feel I have made the right choice.

Interesting thing I would like to mention about Signature Acoustics is that its a Indian company, based in Mumbai and this pair of IEM is their first product. Currently I don't think there is any other Indian company that is making IEM's as good as these.

There are lots of review posts out there which have covered in detail about this product. I would like to keep this short and just mention some of the points I liked and disliked about it.

Things I liked

  • Cost
    • For 2788 INR (45$), I think this is a good value for money product. SA occasionally have some discount offers. I had got mine with a discount of 200 bucks. I made use of a coupan code which was available online.
  • The wooden shell
    • I always admired speakers with a wooden shell, as it produced a superior sound quality. SA C12 boasts a complete wooden shell and this really makes it something special. It is not a common thing in IEMs in this price range and hence I went for it.

  • Build quality
    • SA C12 has excellent build quality. The wire is really well wound and feels very strong; to some extent they are tangle free. The joints are also well sealed. Even though the earphone consists of wood, it feels very light. Overall Signature Acoustics has not compromised on the build quality and has done a decent job. If maintained properly, this thing should last long!
  • Packaging
    • Aesthetic is the word that comes to my mind to describe the packaging of this product. There was a leather carry pouch, which is of a good quality. There is also an option of going for a brass case, but its going to cost you extra.

  • Sound quality
    • Coming to the best part, the sound quality! The first time I had tried these, I felt it was OK. But then after a burn in period of 50hrs, and changing the earcups from medium to large its turned into something amazing! The BASS is just awesome. I listen to a lot of Hip-hop, RnB, Pop and some Bollywood tracks and I must say this thing is ideal for such genre's. The instrument separation is also really good. I'm experiencing the same songs in a different way because I'm hearing things that were never produced in my older earphones and headphones. For more technical stuff on the sound quality I would suggest you refer the links at the end of this post.
  • Noise cancellation
    • I commute from my home to office everyday for 2 hrs in a very noisy environment. I badly needed noise cancellation and the SA C12 does a decent job here too. With a volume of 60% in my iPod Touch, the music is enjoyable.  
  • Service
    • I haven't had any chance to test the service from Signature Acoustics, but people who have had a really good experience. Personally I was happy that the product was delivered within 3 days.

Things I did not like

  • Accessories
    • The first thing you notice about the leather carry pouch is that its a bit girly (or at least that what I felt). There is an alternate for that, which is a brass case. Even that I don't think is a practical solution as it makes it less portable.
    • I would had like another pair of earcups who's size is between medium and the large one. I'm currently using the large ones as they sound better than the medium, but the medium are more comfortable than the large ones.
    • There are couple of filters provided, but there is no instruction on how to use it or which one to use for what. So they basically seem useless to me.
  • The earplugs design
    • The earplugs, even though they are light and fit in very easily I think they are a little big for my taste. With the wooden design, its can look a bit odd.
  • The Bass!
    • If not fine tuned properly, these things can emit more bass than required. It took me some time to get the right equalizer settings and now its all Ok.


People looking for IEM which has really good bass and costs below 3k, should definitely consider going for these.  Even though I have mentioned some of the negative points, they are overshadowed by some of the good things you get as a package. Signature Acoustics is a definitely here to stay and I'm hoping to see more interesting products from them. 

Links that can help

Feel free to post comments, as questions you have regarding this product. I will be glad to help.


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