How to setup CodeBlocks for OpenCV programs

In this tutorial i will be using OpenCV v2.0 and Code Blocks v10.05 with GNU compiler on Windows 7 operating system. Using OpenCV v2.2? Then you can check this post "Setup OpenCV 2.2 in codeblocks"

To work on OpenCV with Code Blocks you just need to add some libraries. Following are some simple steps that I followed.

  1. First of all i assume you have downloaded the OpenCV package and installed in your system. ( Not exactly install, just extract ) If not you can Download it from here. 
  2. Make sure the environment variable PATH is set. This could be done during the installation procedure itself. It will prompt you with this question. If you missed that then you have to manually add it. 
  3. Considering you have the OpenCV installed in your C drive, I continue with the method.
  4. Open Code Blocks.
  5. Goto menu Settings > Compiler and Debugger > Search Directories
  6.  There goto Add and add the directory C:\OpenCV2.0\include\opencv

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Softwares, codecs and themes for Ubuntu

This post is for all those Ubuntu beginners ( not necessarily! ) who are currently bored by the default themes and its non ability to play media files. Sadly yes, you cannot play a media file in ubuntu as it is. Even a mp3 file wouldn't play. This might be because of various reasons, but ubuntu doesn't restrict you from installing codecs that can handle these media files.

So the good news is, there are codecs for Ubuntu that can make your system play files that wouldn't run in other operating systems! Some of the weird extensions which wouldn't run in windows with vlc and  K-lite codec ( which i think are the best players for windows ) ran fine in Ubuntu. OK  so to install the codec's just click the below link.

For more themes click on the below link. It will install you all the themes from the community package.

You can also download theme. Usually it will be a .tar.gz file. Just goto 
System --> Preference --> Appearence
There you have an option ti install themes. Just browse for the theme location and install.

There is a very nice tutorial to install Mac theme for Ubuntu by MakeTechEasier. Seems to work pretty well!

I would also suggest you to install Cairo Dock which can totally change your desktop looks. Its one of the most impressive open source software's I have seen (though there are some bugs here and there!!) and is worth a try! Just type the below code in your Konsole.
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

Or you can visit their site Cairo Dock and install directly.

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