How soon can Android tablets beat iPad 2?

By the post title you would come to know that I am in support of Android and a believer that Android is going to dominate the tablet and mobile market sometime soon. But how soon is the question?

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"iPad which currently rules the tablet PC generation, might loose its lead status as early as 2012" says  experts. With companies like Motorola, Samsung, Toshiba, LG approaching Google's Android to power their tablet PC's, Apple is going to have a tough competition.

Image by Rouge Crown
In the recent CES 2011 event, we saw the launch of many tablet PCs by some major companies. Motorola's XOOM was one of the show stealer! Toshiba also is very positive with its 10 inch Honeycomb tablet
Also not to forget Notion Inc's Adam tablet. Samsung Galaxy also has been quite impressive. All these tablets have a very good specs and are well priced. Apple being the sole fighter you might say its market's gonna go down very soon. But wait a minute... there's lot in favor of Apple too.

Apple has been the leader for sometime now and knows the market very well. Its the simple interface of their devices and the delighting looks that most of the customers fall for. Also not to forget the huge app base it has. As for the Tablet optimized apps, Android is nowhere close to Apple's numbers!

But with Android's new v3.0 Honeycomb, its position is going to improve. Android being the Open source OS has a advantage in this case. The tablet programming kit is out for Android tablets and its just a matter of time the apps start pouring out as it happened with the Mobile apps.  

But the actual winners in this fight is the consumer. With companies reducing their tablet price to have an edge over the other, a lot would consider buying a tablet than a laptop. :)


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