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OpenCV is a well defined set of library function used in the field of Computer Vision.

It is a computer vision library originally developed by Intel but now supported by Willow Garage.The library is open source, cross platform mainly focusing on real time image processing.

Example applications of the OpenCV library are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM); Stereo and Multi-Camera Calibration and Depth Computation; Mobile Robotics. 

OpenCV library provides very well advanced functions for image storage, manipulation and object identification making things simpler. Eg: Just 2 simple functions cvHaarDetectObjects () and cvGetSeqElem () are sufficient to perform face detection!

I have went through many web links for my initial preparations on OpenCV. There are many tutorials out there, but i manage to pick a few of the better ones and thought of posting them here. I would brief on the web links so that you can choose your tutorial accordingly.

Web Links
  1.  Tutorial by Noah Kuntz
    • I found this OpenCV tutorial best for a beginner. He has touched upon all the details along with sample programs. 
    • He has categorized the tutorial into 11 segments and each segment is explained very well.
    • In case you are not through with C programming language there is a tutorial for that also.
    • Click here for the tutorial
     2.   Tutorial on
    • This tutorial makes use of Flowdesigner plug in along with OpenCV. You can download the plugin from here as its open source.
    • Tutorial provides a detailed explanation for all the basic library functions.
    • Best part is that the library functions are explained along with Image samples. That can really help in better understanding of the concept. 
    • Click here for the tutorial

      3.   OpenCV Guide
    • This tutorial provides you sample programs to show some applications of OpenCV. Eg. Capturing a camera frame from a robot, working with histograms, detecting line and circles in a image etc.
    • Click here for the tutorial
      4.   Image processing and Analysis reference guide

    • This link provides you with detailed explanation of the library functions.
    • Each parameters of the functions are explained well.
    • Click here to goto the link
      5.   OpenCV Willowgarage Reference
    • This is the official reference site of the OpenCV.
    • Provides information regarding Core functionalities, imgproc, highgui, feature detection and machine learning.
    • Click here
     6.    Introduction to OpenCV
    • This guide start off with the basic introduction and then goes on to explain some of the gui commands and basic data structures.
    • Also provides sample programs explaining how to work with images, video sequences and matrices.
    • Click here for the guide

     7.    CV Reference manual

    • This manual deals with a few advanced mechanism.
    • If you plan to do some serious image processing this link will help you.
    • Click here for the manual
     8.    AI Shack
    • This site does have some reference programs showing the implementation of some computer vision mechanisms.
    • Click here to goto the site
     9.    Nashruddin's site
    • You google for any opencv related program this is the site you will see in top 10. The site provides implementation of some very common image processing queries.
    • Programs like face detection, eye detection, reading image pixel values, real time eye tracking are some programs which i liked.
    • Click here to goto the site
    10.   Damiles's site
    •  This guy seems to be in good touch with OpenCV. He has some really good programs on Object detection and segmentation in his site.
    • Click here to goto the site
If you have still not started your OpenCV programming then here's a guide to setup OpenCV libraries in Code blocks

Please leave a comment so that know if this post is helpful or not. Also mention if any changes is required. It could help others :)

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