Installing Windows Phone 7.8 on Samsung Focus SGH-I917

My Samsung Focus is an unlocked AT&T model and I had received it with Windows Phone 7.5 OS. Once the WP8 and WP7.8 were released I thought the re-sizable tiles were very needed in my phone. Windows started releasing WP 7.8 update from Jan 30th, 2013. I was pretty happy and excited when I read AT&T and Microsoft  have released the software update. Sadly that wasn't the case and there was no update. I waited for a month or so an finally decided to Flash my phone. In this post I would like to share my experience and hope to make somebody's life easier!

I started of as a noob who had no idea what it means to flash a phone, but I had gone through quite a lot of online materials to know that the worst possible thing that could happen was getting the phone "BRICKED"!! I had also read that the chances of that happening were less if I follow the steps carefully. Who knew I would brick my phone just 5 minutes into flashing! But finally it all turned out well and now I have a Windows Phone 7.8 Custom ROM running in my phone.

Windows Phone 7.8 running on my Samsung Focus