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The new version of Ubuntu, Lucid Lynx 10.04 got released on April 29th. I was glad to see quite a few improvements in it.The last time i had installed Ubuntu was the older version Karmic Koala, the 9.10 version. It seemed to had a lot of bugs and i was very disappointed as i was quite a fan of Ubuntu 9.04. But 10.04 seems to give the impression that its going to be better than 9.04!

Let me just outline some of the exciting new features of Lucid.
First of all the boot up. Ubuntu had never been this fast! In a normal machine it could load within 15-20 seconds. Ubuntu is really obsessed with improving the boot time!

Ubuntu have come up with a unique way to attract users! Every ubuntu user gets 2gb of free CLOUD SPACE!! Also there is Ubuntu One Music store which can sync with your cloud space. Now isn't that cool??!

The new Ubuntu seems to provide good driver support. I must say this is the only Linux distro supporting my laptop (with the new Core i3 processor) right now. Drivers for my display and the audio got installed automatically. Only the Broadcom driver for wireless internet connectivity was missing which i easily installed through the "Hardware driver" tool. Its an inbuilt tool that searches for all the drivers that are compatible with your hardware.

Lucid also seems to bring some relief among social networking addicts! Gwibber, a social client that comes along with Lucid can keep track of all your microblogging and stuffs.

Now to the downside of Lucid. I have been using Lucid for about 2 weeks now and have had 2 crashes already. Lucid still needs to be worked on its stability. As far as the bug mentioned in the Phoronix, doesnt seem to cause problem to me anyway!

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