0 A.D

O A.D is a free, open source, cross platform, Real-time Strategy (RTS) game. Its about the ancient warfare and is the open source clone of Age Of Empires!

From the Wildfire games official site we can find that its a historical-based war/economy game that allows the players to relive or rewrite the western civilizations between 500BC to 500AD. 

A group of enthusiastic game developers have developed this game. High detailed artwork, state of art 3D graphics, good sound quality and flexibility are some of its features. It has multi player option too.

System requirements : 1GHz CPU, modern graphics card (GeForce 3 at minimum), 512 MB RAM
It has support for Windows 2000 and above, Linux and Mac OS X.


In Ubuntu or any other Linux distro you can install 0AD just by running the following command

sudo apt-get install 0ad

Are you a programmer and want to get involved in game development then you have the oppurtunity here Get Involved



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