Nexuiz is a open-source first person shooting game! Now isn't that exciting? An action game for free :P. Usually open-source games are not up to the the gamers expectations. They usually lack in the graphics quality due to the lack of proper support. But Nexuiz proves it wrong!

 Check the official video of the Nexuiz.

This game is something similar to Unreal tournament, a 3D death match game. Gameplay is interesting and challenging. Graphics details are handled pretty well. There are different game modes which could be chosen by the player; CTF deathmatch, domination and of course, single player campaigns  which will lead player to survive 20 levels of chaos! It actly takes nothing to try this game! Its around 800MB. Just download and play! :)

Nexuiz runs in almost all platforms: Windows, Linux and OSX. Requirements are pretty basic. You got 512MB RAM and an OS above Win 2000 (In case of Windows) it will work.


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