Motorola's own Mobile OS??

Recently rumors have started that Motorola is developing its own Mobile Operating System and is on a hiring spree for Mobile app developers. Motorola has had huge success by adopting Android OS for their for their mobile devices. But Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha is of the opinion that its important to own one.

Android's success mainly depends on the kind of ecosystem it provides. Android market and Android developers community have a huge role to play in this. So survival of Motorola's Mobile OS depends mainly on the kind of application support it can provide. Its a tough competition with Android and iOS dominating with huge success.

Samsung had tried to do something like this by introducing Bada OS. It hasn't had that much success but its doing pretty well with the low end touch screen models. Samsung also recently was in a hunt for Symbian mobile app developers planned to port Symbian Apps to Bada.

Motorola reportedly have acquired a Mobile platform company named Azingo. Its to a Linux based mobile operating system and is based on web standards for use on touch screen devices. It uses web runtimes for widgets. 

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