Red Eclipse - Free, Open source FPS Game

Is a single player and multi player first-person ego-shooter. It intends to provide Quake 3 Arena style of first person shooter!

The game has a pretty good graphics and implements good physics. Texture detailing has been good , the wall running system and lots of color makes it exciting game worth trying.  Check out the game trailer..

The game features Agile gameplaywall run/kick, impulse dash, and jetpack. Elimination and Deathmatch,   capture the flag, objective, cooperative and campaign are the game modes. The best thing is there is a inbuilt editor which lets you create your own maps!

The game is available for Windows, Linux/BSD and Mac OSX. Its around 450MB and free. Start your download now! For more info and screenshots visit Red Eclipse official site.



almeda said...

Really nice demo video and thanks fir the download link. :)
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