Open source Registry Cleaner and a Defragmenter

I was just reading through some articles to keep your system to the best of its performance and one point mentioned in all of them was to defragment your system and to clean the registry. So here are some open source softwares I found for this purpose.

Little Registry cleaner it is, the alternative open source windows registry cleaner.  Small in size, neat and easy to run. Basically removes obsolete and unwanted items that build up in the registry over time. Before cleaning the registry it also creates a backup of all your registry information  so that you can roll back if the registry cleaning causes some problem. Usually there wont be a need for it, but its just a precaution for those very few instances when something might go wrong.

Scan in progress

After the scan you will be shown a list of all the registry problems. You just need to click on Fix problems option. After the fixing the software again scans the registry and you would see that your registry is clean now!

UltraDefrag is the popular open source defragment tool for Windows platform. It can defragment any system files along with registry hives and paging file. Even this tool is simple, fast and lite. Lite i mean very lite; its just a few KB's!

It has support for many languages and comes with the ability to shutdown/hibernate system after the process. 

Interesting thing about this tool is its colorful interface. The color comes from the different fragments it shows for each drive i.e you can see the amount of fragments visually. Nothing very helpful in that but this is something different we see in this tool.

It also has an unique feature called Optimize which seems to work pretty well. It neatly aligns all the fragments into one side of your disk. All the fragments in one side clearly results in faster memory access. The screenshot is taken after defragmentation and optimization and you can see all the valid file fragments in start of the disk.

UltraDefrag has separate versions for 32 and 64 bit systems. So choose a right version for download.



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